?Violence/Does Jordanian women suffer from salt male


Does Jordanian women suffer from salt male ?
Or is that what happens to individual situations that affect all societies of the world ?
Violence is psychological and physical torture that may be customary, religious or misconceptions
that made the man a rug furnished with pain for women, especially for eastern society. Violence was not
new with newness but rather had ancient origins and roots and in history many examples. But violence
has been forbidden by Islam of all kinds except what is deserved, but the question remains, when will
the violence be metaphorical and not compulsory? Therefore, a person must distinguish that violence is
not a means but a crime.
‘’ Definition of violence according to the Nationl Framework for family protection from Violence
Here, violence is defined as “the intentional use of force, threatened or actual, against oneself, another
person, or against a group, that results in injury, death, mal- development or deprivation” Hence, violence
is any attack against others that causes, or may cause physical or psychological harm or pain. Violence
also includes threats of attack. coercion or arbitrary deprivation of freedoms and rights ‘’ (1)
‘’ The United Nations defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that
results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including
threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private
life ‘’ (2)
Theories Background
1- Increase in violence cases, with increased duration of closure (3)
2- Violence against women increases divorces. (4)
3- generational transfer hypothesis. (5)
Previous research
Lussier, Proulx & Leblanc (2005) conducted a study aimed at identifying the punishment of
perpetrators of violence against women for reducing the rate of family violence. To inform the police
when violence was committed against them, and the study sample was followed for a period of three
years, after which the following results were reached: Some women who experience violence did not
report the police for fear of retaliation by the husband after he was released from prison or because of
the lack of adequate protection for it. The study found that violence decreased among women who
complain against their attackers, as its percentage before the study, or 7%, decreased to or 3%. The
number of cases of arrests of perpetrators of violence by the police increased by 4 to 5% before the
study, and it reached 61%, and it was found that informing women of the situation of violence had a
statistically significant effect in reducing the violence directed against them. (6)
Ahmed, Koening, & Stephenson (2006) conducted a study aimed at identifying the impact of
family violence on a pregnant mother and her newborn in India. To achieve this,
(2199) women were selected, and through a study sample interview it was found that% 18 of
Women experienced domestic violence during pregnancy, and the results indicate that 19 and 2% of
women who have experienced domestic violence lost the fetus. And the results also indicate that the
child mortality rate increases in women who experience violence when compared to women who are not
subjected to violence. The necessity of enacting laws that protect women from violence, and also
recommended that pregnant women should be educated and provide a healthy environment for them
and their fetus. (7)
Studies with the prevalence of (Covid19) confirmed an increase in the rate of domestic violence
by 46% due to restrictions imposed closings. (8)
Through extrapolation from previous studies, it is clear that the totality of these studies concerned
with knowing forms of violence against women from their point of view in multiple geographical regions,
and that the studies that were conducted in this topic, depended on knowing the prevalence of violence
against women by finding statistics for them. It is also noticed through the previous presentation of
studies that some of them were interested in studying the extent of violence in society, while others
focused on other variables such as: factors that cause violence, its types and extent of its spread through
conducting interviews or through questions directed to women who are subjected to violence.
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Name: Tamasie Towisat

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